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Excel Basic Skills Exam: Simnet version

The Excel Basic Skills Exam tests students for Microsoft Excel 2010.

This web page contains the information you need to prepare for your Excel exam. For any information not covered on this page, please contact the staff at

Read through this entire page and then follow the steps below.

1. Purchase Registration Code

You can purchase the registration code from the University bookstore or online. The product is called the Microsoft Office 2010 Single Module and is made by SimnetOnline. Staff at the bookstore can help you find it . You will find the 20- digit registration code on the back. If you are a student at the Delaware County Community College or you are off-campus you can also buy it online at the Simnet site.

2. Register and Practice

First be sure the computer is on! Sign with your username email account (yes, be sure you include the, and password. To get your Simnet account you have to register HERE. Once you have purchased your Simnet code, you may practice and prepare for the exam from any computer that has access to the Internet.

Register using whatever user id and password you like. Enroll for the Excel 2010, shop the Simnet 2010 Proficiency, and register. Be very careful to select the Excel 2010 option. If you accidentally select another option, call Simnet support at 1-800-331-5094.

Other than the above caution, the steps to register and practice are fairly self explanatory. You might wish to write down the user name and password you use when you register. It will save time later when you're ready for the actual exam.

Once you are registered you can explore the lessons and take a practice exam at your leisure.  You may explore the lessons as many times as you want. You'll only have one practice exam. The real exam is very similar to the practice exam. It consists of 25 questions. You have 4 attempts for the test and 2 for each question.


The Excel 2010 exam is administered in ANDERSON HALL 220 lab.


THERE WILL BE NO HOURS BETWEEN JULY 1ST AND JULY 22ND. Appointments will resume July 25.

The door is locked so knock loudly. Before taking the exam buy your license, and register online. You can take the lessons and practice the exam before coming to the lab. To better assist you it is recommended to make an appointment by contacting the staff at

If there are no computers available in Anderson 220 Lab the Graduate Assistant or Lab Manager can help you to find a computer in another room. They will arrange for you to take the exam. Remember to bring a photo id.

For technical assistance with the Simnet card or your Simnet account call 1-800-331-5094.

If you are a transfer student from Delaware County Community College you can also take the test at the DCCC. For more information call 610-325-2776.

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